MommyHuman says that I am “intelligent”.  So I have to “work” for my food and treats.  She teaches me to do something new and I have to do it before I can eat.  First, she taught me sit by holding a treat over my nose and saying “sit”.  Then, she taught me to lay down by putting the treat on the ground.  Then, she had me stand up for my treats by holding them up high.  This is my favorite.  It made my LegMuscles really strong so I can stand up for long periods of times now and climb and jump higher easier.  I get in trouble when I stand up and grab HumanFood that I’m not supposed to take though.  The last thing I learned to do was to Hi-5 MyHumans.  MommyHuman will hold either my GoodJobClicker or a treat in one hand and hold the other hand open in front of me.  I stand up and Hi-5 her and get complimented for being a GoodKitty.  

photo                                         photo (1)

MommyHuman calls the time in between MorningFood and NightFood when I get treats “TreatTime” to me but “TrainingTime” when she is talking to DaddyHuman.  I enjoy TreatTime very much.  I purr more during TreatTime that I do any other time except for when MyHumans wake up after sleeping all night.  Plus, it gives me an EnergyBoost and helps me to be alert rather than sleeping and conserving energy.


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