Cleaning Time is Great.

For kitties like me, when the humans clean, I play.  This summer, MommyHuman decided to take all everything out of its StorageBoxes and put it back it different places.  This was wonderful.  I made sure that all of the stuff I don’t usually see still smells like me.  I attacked some things too.  But the best part was that all of the StorageBoxes were free for me to explore and play in.

photo (4)                                    photo (6)

photo (8)                        photo (10)

photo (2)                                       photo (1)

This meant I spent the entire day playing peek-a-boo with MyHumans.


photo (7)    photo (9)

And distracting DaddyHuman so he would be scolded for not helping clean.  Which is way better than MommyHuman scolding me for being where I shouldn’t be.


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