Yesterday, MyHumans took me to a GrassyPlace.  For a while they played with a FlyingDisc while I watched from under a PicnicTable.  I watched the FlyingDisc.  I watched MyHumans.  I watched OtherHumans.  I watched birds.  I watched everything.  

 image (1)

When they were done with the FlyingDisc, we went over to a SmallHuman PlayPlace.  DaddyHuman went flying on the FlyingSwing.  It scares me when he does that.  So I stuck with MommyHuman.  She was on a ClimbyToy.  

image (2)      image (3)

I climbed up with her.  I like to climb up high.  

image (6)      image (7)

image (8)

But I don’t like to look down.  Whenever I do I am always afraid I will fall.  

image (4)      image (5)

image (9)

Yesterday I lost my balance and fell.  But DaddyHuman was done flying and was under us.  So he caught me.  And I was okay.


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