MommyHuman says where we live, not our house but our ManyHouses, is a TouristTown.  All this means to me is that we have many festivals.  At festivals there are NewPeople and lots of dogs.  NewPeople and dogs give me lots of attention.  I don’t like attention from dogs at all.  NewPeople are sometimes okay.  Like when they smell good.  Or give me food.  This weekend there was a festival with NewPeople wearing funny clothes.  It was for a guy named Samuel Clemens but who calls himself Mark Twain so he is a liar.  He held me while he told NewPeople about all of the cats he has ever owned.  He is a CrazyCatMan.

photo (5)

I was held by many other NewPeople too.  Two of them were Becky Thatcher and Tom Sawyer.  MommyHuman says they are NotReal.  But if they are NotReal how did they hold me?

photo (4)                                    photo (2)

During this festival I visited different worlds with MyHumans.  There was the NotReal world where I met Tom and Becky and a world with horses and their BigHat people and then a world with big PeopleHouses and people with ShinyHeads.  I was held by a QueenLady in that place.

photo (1)

My favorite thing about festivals is the NewSmells and YummyFoods.  At this festival I ate big GardenGrass and DogTreats from the DogTreat Lady.


I didn’t like the dogs or the hot though.  We were outside for a very long time and by the time MyHumans had decided what they wanted to get from PeopleInBooths and stopped at the MoneyMachine I was very tired.  DaddyHuman said I was pooped, but I had not!

photo (3)


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