Wake Up Humans!

MommyHuman and DaddyHuman don’t have to go to school because they are on SummerVacation.  This means that they want to sleep longer in the mornings.  Which means I get my breakfast late.  That is not okay.  So I wake them up!  I usually sniff their faces once the sun is up to make sure they are still alive.  This wakes MommyHuman up alot.  And when she wakes up she usually gets up.  But when she gets up she doesn’t always feed me.  Sometimes she is angry at me and ignores me by going in the LightBoxRoom instead of the FoodRoom.  That makes me sad.  But also happy because she is awake.  So I come find her and purr.  My favorite thing to do in the morning though is to attack the PeopleFeet.  

photo (1)


photo (2)

When I attack MommyHuman she says no.  And I run away.  And she goes back to sleep.  So it doesn’t really work with her.  But when I attack DaddyHuman he lets me and plays with me with his PeopleFeet too!  Then when MyHumans are out of bed, I go to sleep instead.

photo (3)


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