My ScratchCubby.

When MyHumans first brought me home, I did not like the ScratchyPost they had for me.  I would not touch it.  I would scratch the LongSeat instead.  MyHumans did not like that one bit.  So they took me to a PetStore for the first time.  This PetStore had many ScratchyPosts.  They let me play with them and show them which ones I like.  The one we chose was my ScratchCubby.  I can scratch it.

photo (1)     photo (2)

I can sleep in it.  I can sleep on it.

photo                                           photo (5)

It is great.  When we went to visit MommyHuman’s Mommy, we brought it with us.  That way, when I missed my home, I could sleep in my ScratchCubby and feel safe.  I also slept in it in the car some because we were in the car for a very long time.  Now, when I sleep in my ScratchCubby, I remember our trip.  And I am happy.

photo (3)                                           photo (4)


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