Humans wear clothes.  Cats usually do not.  But sometimes I do.  I wear clothes that keep me warm when it is cold outside.  That way I can go for walks in the RainWeather and even in the SnowWeather.  MommyHuman only buys me clothes that practical.  Sometimes I try on other clothes though.  

photo (5)

I have three ClothesThings.  They are my RainJacket, my ChillySweater and my SnowCoat.

 photo                                      photo (6)

photo (2)

I wear my ChillySweater most often because it is comfortable in almost every weather. If it is very cold then I wear my RainJacket over it.  My SnowCoat is new so I have I only worn it twice.  My humans bought my SnowCoat for me at my favorite store.  My other ClothesThings are from the PetPlace that is near my home.  MommyHuman really wants to get me shoes so I don’t get WetFeet.  I do not like WetFeet.  I do not like to be wet at all.  But I do like to go outside.  Even when there are WaterPuddles.  But she can never find shoes that fit me.  There are many DogShoes.  But DogShoes do not fit CatFeet.  And there are no CatShoes.  So I guess for now I am out of luck.


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