I love to sit on WindowSills.  Especially when the window is open.  Then I am outside and can feel the breeze.  But still be safe inside near my humans and my food at the same time.  This weekend though, I got stuck.

photo (1)            photo (4)

Outside the Window.  Because wind hit me and then the window and knocked it shut.  My humans heard it shut.  They looked over.  I was fine.  They thought it was funny.  So they laughed at me.  Not MakingFunOfMe laughing.  Just laughing at what happened.  And they were laughing too hard to let me in for a few minutes.  I was scared.

photo (2)                                photo (3)

I thought I would be stuck outside forever.  Not able to get to my food.  But then I saw a bird.  And I chuffed at it.  And I was okay.



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