Shopping is wonderful.  I go to NewPlaces.  I bond with my humans.  I get new toys.  Or food.  Or other wonderful NewStuff.  Usually when we go shopping, MommyHuman carries me outside.  Then I walk to the car.  Then DaddyHuman drives us to a ShoppingPlace while I sit on MommyHuman’s arm and look out the CarWindow.  Then we get to a ShoppingPlace and I walk my humans inside and they follow me around while I sniff everything and make sure that the whole place smells of me.


If there is another animal then one of my humans will pick me up so I do not get eaten.  Because usually they are dogs.  BigDogs.  And BigDogs eat LittleCats.  Like me.  The best part is when I find the ScratchyPost area and climb all over them.  Until I find the most comfortable one.  Then I lay in it while my humans bring me toys so I can tell them which ones I want.

photo (1)                      photo (2)

Not that they always buy me anything.  Sometimes we just go and browse.  Or they get me food.  Or litter.  Or a NewCollar.  I need a NewCollar I think.  Maybe we will go shopping soon.  Then I stay in the comfortable ScratchyPost until a human picks me up and takes me to look at the Birdies.  They are scared of me.  As they should be.  Because I would eat them.  If I could figure out how to get through their feathers.


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