My Window.


Every cat should have a window.  I actually have two in my home.  One is in the FoodRoom and one is in the LightBoxRoom.  The LightBoxRoom window holds my box of toys that I can pull toys out with my paws or my teeth.  When I sit on the LightBoxRoom window I can see CarMousies drive by and humans walk by and watch Mommyhuman and DaddyHuman when leave when they go to their CarMousy or for a walk.  I can also watch my humans watch the LightBox.

When my humans are in the FoodRoom, I usually am too.  Because if they are in there, there will probably be food.  And I like food.  But they usually scold me for being in the way if I am on the ground.  So I sit on my windowsill.  And I am not in the way.  I can also see the patio and often humans from the StoreBeneath who sometimes have smoke blowing from their mouths.

In the mornings I see PigeonBirds outside both of my windows.  I chuff at them.  DaddyHuman laughs at me.  But the birds are scared and they leave.

photo(1)                                       photo


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