ScratchyToy is Dying

I love my ScratchyToy.  I attack it all day long.  I attack it with my teeth.  I attack it with my feet.  I even attack it with my tail.

photo (2)                        photo (4) 

It used to be a part of giant ScratchyClimberToy, but it was too tippy.  So DaddyHuman took it apart and made it into two.

photo (3)

Now I have a less-tall ScratchyClimberToy in the LightBoxRoom and a little ScratchyToy in the SleepRoom.  I like my little ScratchyToy best because it is near humans at night.  I can attack it and have fun while I protect them and wait for them to awake and feed me.  I have many places in the house, but my ScratchyToy place is my favorite because it is in the middle of my territory and I can see everything that goes on.  I play with it so much that it is falling apart.  MommyHuman says they will get rid of it soon.  But I don’t want them too!  Please MommyHuman.  Do not take my favorite ScratchyToy away.

photo (1)                                       photo


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