My Play Tunnel.

MommyHuman has DaddyHuman buy me toys all the time.  I have MiceToys.  I have BouncyToys.  I have FeatherToys.  I have RibbonToys.  I also have one toy I like to think no other cat does.  My play tunnel.  One day I went for my usual SummerWalk with Mommyhuman and Daddyhuman.  We stopped at the store next-door I’m allowed in if I’m carried.  This time, MommyHuman let me walk.  Through play tunnel.  I loved it.  They brought it home.  I still love it.  Sometimes when my humans play with me they sit on either side of the room and play tunnel sits in the middle and I chase BouncyToy through it.  It’s great.  It’s like hunting.  Except I don’t get dirty.  Or yelled at.  Or have to figure out how to eat through feathers or fur.

photo                                          photo (1)


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